Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA is the new name of Finans International Leasing IFN SA company


Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA is the name under witch operates currently on the market Finans International Leasing IFN company. This re-branding takes place after the Finas brand and an important part of the shares of Finansbank Turcia were bought by National Bank of Greece. Following this take over the financial institutions from the Finans network still owned by Fiba International Holding NV in Romania, Russia, Holland, Ukraine, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland function now under the name Credit Europe.

Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA has as major shareholder Credit Europe Bank NV that owns around 99,9% of the company’s shares. Credit Europe Bank NV with headquarters in Amsterdam ― Holland was established in 1994. Currently Credit Europe Bank operates in three countries (Holland, Belgium and Germany) with headquarters in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Frankfurt am Main. The bank functions according to the Dutch legislation and operates under the jurisdiction / government of The Dutch Central Bank. Credit Europe Bank NV is member of the international group Fiba whose services spread over the whole financial sector.

"This re-branding concludes the very good results and achievements that we had in the last period of time. We finalize last year with a growth of 160% of our turnover comparing to 2005, we have a brand new headquarter in one of the major business centers in Bucharest, and for this year we have as target a percentage growth superior of that of the whole local leasing market and a massive increase of capital from Credit Europe Bank NV. In the same time, the company will benefit from the same team support that will continue to offer assistance and consultancy over the whole cooperation period with the clients", declared Mr. Kerem Sekizyarali, President of Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA Board.

Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA concluded about 4.000 contracts amounting EUR 120 millions in 2006. Having the financial support and international experience of the major shareholder, the company will continue to play an active role in the field of investments financing in Romania ― from lands and residential (real estate) projects to warehouses, industrial deposits and office buildings.

The local management of the company recently confirmed has a President of the Board Mr. Kerem Sekizyarali and Mr. Ibrahim Bozkurt, General Manager. One of the first objectives of the executive management of the company is to keep the same high quality of the services deliver to the local clients based on the know how of the major shareholder ― Credit Europe Bank NV.

Besides the name changing and the new headquarter, all other identification and contact information of the company remain the same. Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA will continue to offer complete leasing services, both for the companies and the end users, financing a wide area of goods, from cars and commercial vehicles to all types of equipments and to real estate investments.

The new headquarter of Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA is in Bd. Timisoara no. 26 Z, Anchor Plaza, Corp A, floor 7, district 6, Bucharest.


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